Unexpected Surprises

The tension had built once again and we were on our way to our favorite sexual haunt.  We pulled into the parking lot in the late afternoon.  Judging from the parking lot, there must be quite a few in the store.  Day or night, the adult book/play store was dimly lit and the windows were painted to allow no outside light in.  We always had an electric feeling when entering and today was no different.  My wife, who usually dresses very professionally for work was wearing a very short skirt and a very tight top exposing her tight belly button and showing off her gorgeous tits.  As we meandered through the store, she made it a point to rub up against who ever she passed and always gave a heated ďexcuse meĒ and a very impish smile.

We headed to the back to an end booth; itís our favorite because itís a little larger than the others.  As we went in, a couple of guys turned the corner and watched, knowing what may be in store for them.  As we entered, I grabbed my wife from the back and moved my hands up her belly and under her blouse.  Kissing her neck, I kneeded one breast and let my other hand dip down to raise her skirt.  She was already in heat and her slippery pussy lips let my finger slip in and massage her with ease.  Flirting with the customers always makes her very wet.

As my fingers worked her pussy, I took her hand and moved it to the hole in the wall.  Her fingers instinctively rubbed the edges.  Before long, a long, thin rod appears.  With a smile, I lowered her head to the hole.  As she began to worship the cock, I continued to stroke her glistening slit.  She was hot and getting hotter.  She pumped the cock for all she was worth.  It gave me an intensely erotic feeling to watch my wife suck another manís cock, and for her to love it as much as she did.  As she felt him beginning to cum, she deep throated his cock.  Well intentioned but he pumped a load into her throat and she began to cough.  His juice went down the wrong tube.  She tried to recover, but as she did, his loose, unforgiving cock sprayed her face.  As the strangerís glistening cum ran down her face and dripped to her cleavage, it soaked into her blouse, wetting her tits in a sticky paste. 

As her coughs grew lighter and less frequent, there was an audible thank you from the next booth.  By this time, she was on her knees in the sticky filth.  She recovered and sat down on the steel folding chair.  The movie in the adjoining booth ended and it filled with darkness.  I told her to start rubbing herself as I offered my hard cock.  She rubbed my dick head on her face, gathering what cum was left.  Not only had she sucked a strangerís cock, she was now coating my dick with his cum.  Then she began to give my cock a tongue bath, licking the gooey strands of semen from my shaft.  Her tongue toyed with my dick, finding the cock hole and trying to fuck it with her tongue.  As she gave me a hot blowjob with her well used mouth, a light came on in the booth next door.  Her mouth left my cock as she peered through the encrusted hole.  About that time, our movie ended and I fumbled for more cash.  I put the last of it in, but I had forgotten to make change.  I told her I would be back.  She only smiled and put her fingers to the hole.  As I left the booth, there were a couple of guys outside waiting.  Excusing myself to get past them, I headed for the storefront and the cashier.  

Returning about five minutes later, I found the booth door locked.  I knocked but there was no response.  From inside, I could hear faint noises.  Pressing my ear to the door, I could hear course breathing and the familiar slap noise from the obvious fucking.  The adjoining booth was still occupied so I waited.  After some time, out booth door opened and a rough looking stranger came out looking quite satisfied.  It was one of the men waiting outside when I had left.  As he moved past me, he just nodded and smiled.  Inside, my wife was leaning against the wall, stroking the cock that had intruded from the next booth.  It was red and fat and looked swollen enough to cum and thatís what it did.  The cock started squirting as my wife pumped with one and massaged the head with her fingers.  Then she leaned down and sucked it in, cleaning it before it slowly disappeared like a fat worm through the hole.  Her hands were now cum soaked as well.  She looked rough, her make-up was smeared, and her tits were bright red as well as her ass.  The stranger who had just fucked her liked to swat while he fucked. 

As she sat down on the cool chair, a small puddle of cum formed as it seeped out of her taken hole.  She said that after I left, the stranger came in.  She thought it was me as he moved behind her, but then when he penetrated her pussy, she looked back startled to find a stranger was taking her.  She said it felt so good, her pussy needed a cock filling it.  She described it as a weird sort of release.  She didnít want it to stop so she let him fuck her.  Asking him to fuck her harder, she told him to give it to her, ďmake me your little slut.  As he pumped, he would squeeze her tits hard and then slap her ass while calling her a bitch throughout the fuck.  He told her that he needed a hot bitch to mate with tonight.   She said she came hard long before he did.  As he began to cum, he pulled her head back by her hair and said that he was going to fill her pussy.  She loved how his cock began to spasm spraying his man seed into her.  When he had finished with her, he cleaned his cock with her hair and asked if she wanted to go home with for the night.  She said it was tempting, wildly erotic, but declined wanting to finish the night with me.  Calling her a pretty little slut as he slapped her ass once more, he opened the door and left. 

Within minutes, another cock came through the hole.  Word must be spreading that there was a cock slut in the booth because each spent dick was quickly replace.  She sucked off two cocks in a row before a really nice black cock inched its way in.  Just looking at it made her drool and she began to massage the semi-erect cock.  As she serviced the shiny black tool, she began to talk to it or to the stranger; Iím not sure which.  She spent a lot of time kissing, licking, sucking, stroking and rubbing his cock on her tits.  Eventually, she rose up and asked if I cared if she put it inside her.  ďI really want to feel it inside me.Ē  Knowing how hot she was and how her pussy must be throbbing for it, I told her to go ahead.  I think she would have regardless of my consent.  After all, she had already been thoroughly used by one cock.  At least I could watch this time.  I moved behind her and guided the rigid dick to her pussy lips.  I slowly moved it up and down her slit, teasing her with the shiny, massive bulbous head.  Itís head stretched out her pussy lips, making them tight around the circumference of the cock-head.  Then I slowly had her move back as the black cock impaled her. Luckily, the other strangerís load was great lubrication for her.  Oh god was all that she said as the length of the cum engorged black cock penetrated he pussy, pushing into her womb.  I pushed her back against the wall as she held my lower half tight.  The stranger must have realized what was happening and liked it because he started to fuck her through the wall.  It was the hottest thing to witness.  My wife was being fucked by an unseen stranger and at this point, an unseen cock.  I could only see her ass mashed against the wall moving slightly with each thrust, her sounds and the way she held me told me that she was being fucked hard and well. 

Within minutes, she was writhing and began to cry out as her body tensed in orgasm.  Then everything went still except for her low guttural moans as the stranger shot load after load of his hot seed into her well used cunt.  She said that feeling his fat cock throbbing in her felt so good that she didnít want it to stop.  She said that even if she thought the stranger would make her pregnant she wouldnít have pulled away.  The thought of his cum filling her after her orgasm made her feel strangely connected to him. A completion to a perfect fuck.  She moved forward letting the ebony tool slip from her foaming hole.  Fresh cum ran down her thighs as she knelt, dutifully sucking and cleaning the now drooping dick.  As it pulled back through the hole, she leaned forward and asked if she could meet him.  After a few seconds, there was a knock at the door and the stranger smiled as he looked in.  My wife thanked him and move forward to give him a very warm and sensual hug.  She left some cum on him and he didnít seem too eager to kiss her.  Had the look of her being mouth fucked not been so apparent, her cock breath would have certainly given her away.  He began to leave and said maybe weíll meet again.  With that, he was gone.  She looked a bit disappointed.  After being well fucked by the stranger, I think she wanted a bit more.  Maybe even to spend some time with him.  But tonight my wife was a slut and had been used well.

I closed the door and pushed her to the wall.  My dick was already out and hard as I raised her leg and pushed into her pussy.  It slid in easily as I reached up and squeezed her large, engorged, cum soaked nipples.  As I fucked her sloppy pussy, more cum ran down her leg.  I neared orgasm, and as I began to cum, I pressed her head down and pumped my cum over her face.  I was so turned on that it actually hurt as my cock convulsed and spewed fresh cum over her.  I was so into the moment, I didnít even realize I was pumping cum into her nose.

She cleaned herself up the best she could and put on her cum soaked cloths.  Most of it was semi-dry but showed somewhat white on her black outfit.  She tied her hair back and we headed for the front to leave as she was still blowing cum out of her sinuses and into tissues.  As we were leaving, she glanced over to see a male co-worker.  She also noticed his pants and shirt and realized that this was one of the guys whose cocks had just used her mouth.  She quickly looked down and bolted for the front, trying not to be seen and hoping he had not seen her through the hole.  She found it extremely erotic to have actually known and worked with one of the men who fucked her mouth and wondered if he knew. 

Discussing it on the way home, this was one of the most erotic outings we had in a while.  She was exhausted but was already planning when we could go out again.


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