Truckstop Gloryhole

My wife and I were on a 10-hour drive to a family reunion and decided to stop at a truck stop for a drink and bathroom break.  I went into the restroom and sat down in a stall when I noticed a large hole to the adjacent stall.  The hole looked well used and there were the normal meeting notices and numbers written on the wall.  More than likely this was used as a cruising spot.  I went out and sat down with my wife and told her what I had found.  I asked if she would like to have some fun for a while.  With a devilish smile, she said sure.  Car trips always make her horny and I knew this would be a huge turn on for her.  While the coast was clear, I had her slip into the menís restroom and go to the farthest stall against the wall.  I then took a look around and started to make small talk with one of the truckers that were milling about.  I told him that if he wanted a great blowjob, there was a woman in the restroom that would do it for him, no strings.  I told him to go to the second to the last stall and stick his dick through the wall.

He didnít believe me and thought that it was a guy on the other side.  I had him follow me and had my wife open the stall door so he could take a peak.  It was a bit against the rules to show her but he needed the reassurance and she needed the cock.  Luckily, she had stripped down so he had a very nice view of what was waiting for him.

He smiled and quickly went into the stall.  I watched as his hard, thin dick pushed through the hole.  My wife smiled and stroked it, slowly pushing the tip of her tongue into his pee hole.  She slowly moved her lips over the head and started sucking softly, taking more of his hot red flesh into her mouth.  She worked her way down the shaft until his cockhead was in the back of her mouth.  She began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth.  Her hand was working her pussy as his cock fucked her mouth.  To suck a strangerís cock is a huge turn on for her and she was really getting into it.  She let the cock drop out of her mouth and then she squeezed the shaft and pulled up.  Pre-cum leaked from the tip as she quickly licked it off.  She held her head in place and let the trucker fuck her mouth like a pussy.  Before long, the trucker started to moan as his throbbing dick head spurt its load into her mouth.  She just kept sucking until the his balls were empty.  She leaned back and slowly stroked his cock as it glistened in the fluorescent light.  With that, she smiled and kissed it as it slipped back through the hole. 

As he was leaving, he asked me if his friends could come back.  He had a driving partner and was with another team from another truck, making four of them.  I told him they could but only one at a time.  I let my wife know what was coming and that she lucked out.  The next man came in and went directly into the stall.  In no time, his cock appeared through the hole.  His cock was nice and fat and uncircumcised.  I knew this would drive my wife crazy.  A huge smile appeared on her face as she leaned forward and kissed his sheathed cockhead.  She played with the foreskin, taking it back and forth and slipping her tongueue in and around it.  She was furiously working her pussy as she played with the fat dick in her mouth.  I reached down and started squeezing her tits.  She was close to an orgasm when she stood up and said that she needed this cock in her pussy.  She turned around as I directed his cock toward her.  I rubbed the head up and down her slit a few times until she pushed back, engulfing the strangerís heavily veined tool.  The trucker must have known that his dick was now embedded in a wet cunt because he started thrusting.  My wife pushed back against the wall as hard as she could while spreading her ass cheeks as far apart as possible to get every inch of the fuck tool into her cunt.  The trucker picked up speed and was now piston fucking my wifeís pussy with abandon.  Luckily, no one came into the restroom because the stalls were shaking violently as he rammed his tool home.  With each thrust, her heavy tits would sway violently back and forth.  She started to cum hard as I half gagged her with my hand to keep her quiet.

Suddenly, the fucking stopped as he emptied his seed into her well-fucked pussy.  As he withdrew, his cum began to leak out of her almost immediately.  It was not a small amount, he had shot a significant load of hot sperm up her womb and a large portion was now running down her thighs. 

Just as she sat down, another truckerís cock appeared in through the hole.  My wife was completely satisfied at this point but smiled as she took the cock in her mouth.  She didnít play with it like the others, just sucked and jacked it.  Itís shiny bright red head appearing and disappearing in her hot mouth.  She started jacking his cock hard while licking it with her tongue.  In no time, his cock started spurting hard into her mouth and splattering against her chin.  These truckers must have been saving it a while because there was a torrent running down her chin, neck and tits. 

As the limp cock slid back through the hole, it was soon replace by the fourth truckerís cock.  This cock had an enormous head that just fit the hole.  The shaft was very white and skinny.  I could tell itís unusual shape was turning my wife on as she began to work her very wet pussy again.  She sucked it for a while but then started rubbing it on her face and licked it as it crossed her mouth.  She played with as if it were a new toy.  Standing and lifting a leg up, she moved close to the wall.  Her tits pressed firmly against the cool steel as she began to massage the cock head on her pussy.  She worked the bulbous head furiously up and down her slit, across her clit until her body was wracked by another orgasm.  Her legs seemed weak as she knelt and opened wide.  After a few minutes of sucking, his cock released.  She tried to swallow everything but quite a bit leaked out the sides of her mouth as she bobbed her head on his cock.  After the trucker had finished shooting his load, she gave it a nice tongue bath.

After the last man left, she began to clean up and I went out to see if she could leave the menís room.  One of the truckers was waiting outside and asked me if my wife would like to drive with them a while.  We talked and found that we were heading the same direction.  When my wife came out, we discussed it and she thought it sounded hot.  I told the truckers I needed to take their names and information and I kept one of their driverís licenses.  We decided to meet at another stop about four hours away with me driving behind them.

My wife got in their truck and four hours later with one rest stop in between, she joined me once again.  Unsurprisingly, the four hours had been a complete fuck fest.  All four truckers had rough fucked her on the way trading off at the rest stop.  They had used her every way possible.  Her hair was matted and her make-up smeared.  She smelled like smoke, sex and sweat and was completely exhausted.  The truckers thanked us and half-jokingly offered to take her cross-country with them.  We declined and thanked them for the great time.


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