Sister In Law

My wifeís sister Sara had been having problems with her husband for the past year since they had their first child.  For some reason he lost interest in having sex with her and itís been a strain on their marriage.  So one night my wife asked if I would like to take her sister out for some fun and she would watch the child since her sisterís husband was rarely at home.  I agreed and made plans for dinner and a movie.

Weíve always been friends and flirting was part of the fun.  The dinner and movie was great, she was relaxing and beginning to become more of her carefree self.  After the movie, we went for a walk and I half purposefully led us to a small adult bookstore I had heard about.  My wife and I had visited them before but hadnít been to this one.  I asked Sara if she would like to go in and look around.  She agreed but seemed very nervous. 

We walked in to the shop, which was small and spartan.  There were three rows of books, two rows of videos and toys displayed on a pegboard wall.  We looked at the toys and joked then thumbed through a couple magazines.  She was becoming a little quiet looking at the magazine full of guys, her eyes fixed on their butts and cocks.  I started asking her which ones she liked and didnít like.  This seemed to arouse her even more.  We continued looking, moving closer to look at the book together, I put my arm around her.  She didnít move away but instead push into me even more.  I moved my hand down to her side and pulled her closer until we were together.  After some more fun reading, I told her we should check out the rest of the store.  I had spotted a sign that said video that pointed down some steep, narrow stairs in the back. 

We had to walk down single file and the smell was that of mildew, sweat and sex.  Reaching the bottom, there was a wall on the left side and 5 booths with curtains to close them off.  Two were occupied so we went into the one in between.  There was a large screen and a place to insert coins and bills.  I put some money in and selected a video.  There was only one seat so I sat on the chair and Sara sat on my lap.  She didnít seem nervous at all and really seemed to be enjoying herself.  As we watched a blonde giving a guy a blowjob, I looked down and saw someone looking through a largish hole from the next booth.  This was perfect; maybe if I could get Sara horny enough, I could watch her play with a cock.  It would be a great release for her as well. 

I slowly moved my hand around her and started raising her skirt to her thigh.  Once there, I started gently stroking her leg.  She made no attempt to deflect my attention so I moved my hand closer to her inner thigh and pulled her right leg over, exposing her panty clad pussy.  I started slow and moved over her mound, gently coming down on her clit.  At that point, she leaned back into me and moaned.  It was clear now that she was giving me free access.  I slipped my hand under her panties and started giving her pussy a workout.  By the time I was fucking her with my fingers, she was mine.  I pulled her head to the side and kissed her deeply, sharing tongs as I continued to work her wet bush. 

I was able to scoot the chair and more or less face the direction of the hole, giving our watcher a clear view of what was going on.  I pulled my hand free, to her dismay, and stood her up.  Standing her in front of the hole, I slowly pulled her cloths off until she was standing with only her panties and bra.  Her bra was a nursing bra with heavy padding in front and made very sturdy all around.  I unfastened the catches and her huge, heavy breasts slid out.  I reached around and held them feeling their weight.  She was still nursing and her breasts were huge and swollen with milk.  Her nipples were fat and long.  I began to play with them, pinching her nipples and squeezing what I could of her boobs all while the stranger was watching.  I pushed her panties down to leave her totally exposed to our peeping Tom.  She hadnít noticed but was really getting into the attention I was now giving to both her wet pussy and engorged tits.  As I played with her tits, her milk started coming in and they became harder and harder making her extremely uncomfortable.  By now, drops of milk were forming on her nipple tips.  They were so full of milk that they were leaking.  I asked her if she needed some relief and she gave a horse ďyesssĒ.  I told her that she needed to be milked and I knew how.  With that, I moved the chair close to the hole and had her sit down.  I then pushed her forward and heaved what I could of her hard tit into the hole.  Within seconds, she started to moan and pull back but I held her in place and spread her legs to start finger fucking her again.

As her breast was being emptied, I started to squeeze it to make sure it flowed fast and emptied as much as possible.  Finally the stranger released her tit and she pulled it out.  Her right breast was noticeably smaller now.  I then grabbed her other breast and forced it to the hole telling her that she needed to feed him this one too.  The stranger again latched on to her tit and began to suck hard while I massaged and squeezed her tit.  I pushed her into a position where I could eat her pussy and went down on her.   All she said was, oh god, it has been so longĒ.  I licked and finger fucked her hard, telling her how good her pussy tasted.  Her breathing quickened and her hands dug into my head as she climaxed.  Her pussy was dripping, as was the last of the milk on her last used titty.  I told her that the guy in the booth had quite an appetite.  I then said that itís her turn to milk him. 

I moved her head to the hold and told her to beg for his cock.  She obeyed and asked him if she could see his cock now.  Without pause, he stuck his chubby dick through the hole and right into her mouth.  I could believe how she took it in.  She was definitely cock starved.  Her actions were fast and furious as she rubbed the shiny, saliva-covered dick on her face.  She was lost as she consumed his cock.  As he came, she didnít pull away.  Instead, she sucked hard and drank his cum as he unloaded into her hot, slutty mouth. 

As he pulled his limp cock out of her mouth, she looked up and me with cum covered lips and said that tasted so good, can I suck you now?  I could have spewed all over her naked, lactating tits right then, but a new cock appeared in the other hole.  I guess he was watching too and wanted a turn as well. 

I told her that she had some work to do over hear and she quickly moved in to milk this new cock.  As she made love to the strangerís dick with her mouth, I told her that she was a cock slut and I planned on helping her out from now on.  I raised her ass so she was now bent over sucking the dick.  As I moved behind her, I unzipped and took out my throbbing cock.  I knew I shouldnít but her hairy cunt was so hot and wet.  I told myself that Iíll only rub my cock-head on her, but as I pushed my red, engorged head against her pussy hole, I couldnít stop.  I thrust forward burying my cock deep into her ripe pussy.

She let out a deep moan as I began fucking my wifeís sister.  She looked back and said that sheís never had a cock in her pussy and mouth at the same time and then started sucking to the rhythm of my heavy and hard thrusts.  She hadnít lost all of her pregnancy fat so slamming into her shook her ass cheeks like Jell-O and her emptied tits were flinging back and forth. Fucking her was extremely hot.  As I was nearing climax, I told her that sheís been milked, and now itís time from her to be bred.  She stopped sucking and started begging for my cum, begging me to fuck her deep and cum inside her. 

I spread her ass cheeks and thrust deep into her pussy.  She cried out as I pushed hard against her cervix and emptied my sperm.  I came hard, sending stream upon stream into her warm, fertile womb.  She had unknowingly been squeezing the cock in the hole and it erupted in a cum shower, coating her hair and face. 

I slowly slid out of her seeded pussy and squeezed her pussy lips shut.  She stood up slowly releasing her grip on the strangerís shaft and gave me a deep hug.  I told her that she was as hot as her sis and it was a shame that her ass was being wasted away.  She agreed, and said that she thought that was now changing.  I kissed her neck giving her lactating breasts another squeeze.  I had a feeling that she would be lactating for some time to come.

She put herself together and was ready to go.  She had missed a spot on her cheek but I thought it was sexy as we walked out of the store getting more than a few looks.

We drove home and she decided to spend the night.  My wife noticed Saraís cock-breath immediately.  I told my wife about our adventure and how her little sis was a huge cock slut and really enjoyed breast-feeding the stranger.  It was an incredible turn on for her.  We fucked right there, no foreplay, just straight to fucking as Sara watched.  It sent her over the edge when I asked her how she liked having her sisís pussy juice in her cunt from by dick?  Sara joined in and weíve been having fun since.


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