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It had been about six weeks since we last visited the adult bookstore.  We had talked about our encounters there many times and it had spurred some wild love making sessions.  We decided it was time to go back and see what would happen.  I guess the unknown and spontaneity of going there is what was so attractive to us.

I picked my wife up from work and we drove downtown and had a couple of drinks.  We then walked to the store.  We were both excited and apprehensive as we walked in.  The same heavy smell greeted us as we entered.  Again, the downstairs was filled with magazines and movies and loitering customers.  Drawing their attention as we walked through, I could tell my wife loved the attention.  We stopped and looked at some toys and then made our way upstairs.  Walking through the other magazine section, we caught and held several gazes as we made our way into the booth area, closely followed by one of the patrons. 

We entered and got settled and watched the video while we were rubbing each other and kissing.  There was a light in the adjacent booth and we knew that again, someone was watching.  Without my wife seeing, I made a gesture through the hole and before long a cock came through.  I looked over and there was a perfectly shaped black cock sticking through the hole.  The shaft was very dark and the head was a shade of brown, very bulbous and smooth.  I looked at my wife and motioned to the hole. When she looked over, she just grinned.  I told her to get down and let me watch her suck it.  She has always fantasized about sucking a black cock but never has, this was a dream come true. 

She started licking and kissing the shaft and head.  She was so intent on the cock, it was almost as if she were worshiping it.  She would flick her tong on the tip and then gently blow on it while it throbbed.  Then she would take it into her mouth and suck moving back and fourth.  I stood up and pulled her shirt up over her head, momentarily making her move away from the black dick she craved.  She had already taken her skirt off and was frantically rubbing her pussy and clit. 

She stood up, with her mouth still sucking the big black cock, presenting her but to me.  She looked around and told me she needed to be fucked.  I told her that I wanted her a lot hotter than this and that she would have to wait.  She demanded that I fuck her, “I need a cock in my pussy now”.  I just smiled and continued to lightly jack as I enjoyed the show.

I hadn’t realized how cock hungry she was, beyond any control.  She released the beautiful black cock in her mouth and told the man through the hole that she was coming over.  With that, she got up, scooted by me and walked out and into the next booth.  I hear the booth door close and was completely dumbfounded.  My wife had just left to get fucked by a stranger.  I opened our booth door and tried to open the other booth but the door was locked.  I was a bit frustrated and even a bit jealous.  I went back to my booth, knelt and looked through the hole.  My wife was sitting on this guys lap kissing him while he rubbed her pussy and played with her tits.  I could also see another man in the booth; he was black as well and was rubbing his large cock on her cheek. 

I couldn’t believe what had just happened.  If I had just fucked her when she had asked, she would still be her.  Now she was away, fucking on her own.  As I watched, the man standing took hold of her hair and lifted her up and then moved her down so she was bent over into the other mans crotch.  She opened her mouth and started sucking him.  He had a smaller dick than the other and she was taking it all in.  The man behind her grabbed her panties and pulled back violently, ripping them from her body. He then moved up and started rubbing his cock head up and down her slit.  Then in one heavy motioned, he buried himself in her.  The cock she was sucking dropped out of her mouth and a low scream emerged, not loud, but one mixed with pleasure and pain.  She was now getting fucked hard and fast as the man behind her took her left arm and moved it behind and up her back.  He then would alternate between slapping her left tit and pinching the nipple as he called her his little slut.  My wife has very sensitive tits and this must have been moving her to a high.  I could tell she had a ripping orgasm from her guttural breathing and clenched hands. 

He continued to impale his black cock into her white pussy.  I knew he was deep and then realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom and she had been off the pill for some time.  Worry took me but there was nothing I could do except watch.  He then tensed, pushing hard and lifting my wife’s ass up.  He must have been stretching her cunt to its limit and I was sure he had pushed hard into her cervix from his size.  He tensed his ass stood still as he pumped his seed into my wife’s ripe womb.  He pumped a few more times and then plopped out.  He moved her around and wiped his cock off with her hair.  The other black man then stood up and moved her head to his cock.  He had grown significantly and was smacking my wife on the face with his meat.  After some foreplay, he pushed his cock into her mouth and started fucking it like it was a pussy.  She started to gag, eyes watering, and pulled back.  He slapped her and thrust his cock back into her mouth.  After another 20 or 30 seconds, he pulled her head back and came on her face and tits.  After he shot his load, he told her to clean him up.  She dutifully licked and sucked his cock till it was clean.

The got dressed and told be thanks for letting them fuck my slut, then they left.  My wife came back to our booth and sat down.   Looking down at me she said, “I’m really glad you didn’t fuck me when I wanted”.  We both smiled as somebody else entered the booth she just left.  I don’t know if it was by chance or if the duo had told someone, but there was another opportunity next door.  She just smiled and moved down to the hole.  Almost immediately, a hand came through and took hold of her, beat red, tit.  She was rubbing her pussy again enjoying the attention to her nipple when the person squeezed and pulled her tit to the hole.  I could tell by her look and by excelled rate at which she was rubbing her pussy that her tit as being sucked and sucked hard.  She moved back and reached through the hole, pulling a six-inch fat cock through.  She immediately started sucking this new rod as she played with her pussy. 

Although the floor was sticky, I laid down on my back next to the wall and told her to climb on top.  She continued to suck the stranger’s cock as I positioned her and started fucking her sopping wet pussy.  It was so slick from the cum that was slowly draining out from deep inside, that I could hardly feel any friction at all.  She fucked my cock as she continued to jack and suck the dirty cock in her mouth. 

I came hard and emptied into her, adding my cum to the strangers.  The cock she was sucking finally came as she moved back, letting the cum run out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her red and abused tits.

She looked up and said that she was exhausted.  As I watched her slide her shirt over her jiggling, red tits, I started to get hard again thinking back to her being fucked hard by her black lover.  I also hoped that the cum he pumped into her womb didn’t make a baby.


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