Mr. Fixit

My husband works for a large technology company and spends a lot of time traveling for various projects. For one of the projects, he hired an outside consultant from across the country. We have a large home and my husband offered the consultant a room while he worked on the project, which would be about 5 months.

His name was John and he was moderately tall and very skinny. He seemed a bit shy but fit in well around the house. He would get up early and come back late from work. While my husband would travel, we would make small talk but he would usually just go into the den or his room and work.

We had just moved into our house several weeks before John arrived and we still had some fix ups to do. One of those was a hole in the bathroom door where the doorknob should be. It was a bit uncomfortable taking a bath but I didnít think anything of it. We didnít even consider covering the hole with something temporarily because we always meant to fix it.

My husband was out of town and I had gone in for a long bath. John was working and I just slid back into the tub. I had thoughts of John looking at me and had several fantasies of fucking him. As I lay in the tub, I began to massage myself quickly moving down to play with my pussy. As I laid in the warm water masturbating, I felt like someone was watching. At that point, I was having too much fun and the thought of John watching me finger my pussy was a real turn-on.

Several nights and several baths passed with the same sort of feeling. If he was watching from the dark hallway, I thought that I would give him a real view. I got out of the bath and sat on a small chair positioned toward the door, giving a clear view of my body and what I was doing. I fingered myself nearly to the edge when I saw movement through the hole. Suddenly, I could see the head of a huge cock coming through my private hole. It was massive. It was incredibly thick and long. I had seen pictures of cocks this big but had never seen one in person. I knew it was John and couldnít believe what he had been packing. I moved forward and reached out for the massive tool. Grasping it, I couldnít fully circle my fingers and thumb around it. I wasnít sure what to do, but I knew that I wanted to play with it. I started kissing the massive, bulbous head and worked my way down the shaft, biting it with my lips. I liked and sucked the massive shaft up and down, gently caressing his balls with my hand. They were big too, matching his giant dick. I worked my way up to his dick-head and opened my mouth as wide as it would go. It was difficult to suck him without my teeth scraping his dick skin.

I couldnít take very much of his cock into my mouth but worked his cock-head in and out of my mouth while I pumped his rod and massaged is balls. Before long, I could feel his giant head spasm, just as I took it out of my mouth, it exploded in a torrent of thick, white goop. He creamed my neck and tits as he came. He not only packed a big dick, he carried a huge amount of cum as well.

I rubbed his cock around my face and tits and he slowly backed it out of the hole. I could make out his tall, skinny frame as he walked away with his member swinging to and fro.

I jumped in the shower and rinsed the cum off of me as my hand slowly moved from by wet breasts to my swollen pussy. I hadnít realized how hot the encounter had been until my hand worked myself into an orgasm.

The next day, we greeted each other like nothing had happened and he went off to work. I fingered myself several time that day thinking of our encounter and couldnít wait for him to come home from work.

When John returned, I greeted him and let him know that I was going up for a bath. I ran the water but never got into the tub. I sat in the chair and gave a show, certain that he was watching. After some time had gone by, the giant cock appeared in my private glory hole. I moved again to caress and worship his throbbing dick. I rubbed it on my tits and even stood, rubbing it between my legs. It was far too big for my to get it into my pussy, but it was so hot to have it rubbing on my slit. Looking down, the top of his cock was shiny and wet from my pussy. I was in heaven and my pussy was on fire. I continued to hump his cock until it started to jump, spraying hot cum onto the floor and the outside of my pussy. As it disappeared, I rubbed my clit frantically, lubed by the hot cum that had been left. I fell to my knees as I came hard.

This continued for the week until my husband returned. Even the, I would sneak up to the bath as my husband watched television. John was always there to push his dick through the hole.

My husband left again on business which made having fun with the hole more relaxing. The night my husband had left, we were again in our usual positions when the handle turned and the door began to open. I was totally surprised. I backed away as John entered. His huge cock swaying carried by his very thin frame. Such a huge dick on such a small frame looked almost perverted or comic like, but it was awesome to see. John backed me to the far wall, holding my arms, he bent down and we started to kiss. Our tongues finding the other in a wet passionate kiss. As we kissed, his hands moved to by breasts, holding and squeezing my already hard nipples. Then his hands moved down to my pussy. He lifted my leg up and started working my clit with is other hand. This was totally hot. His hand felt so good on my steaming pussy.

I was half in a daze as he lowered me to the floor. I was on my back as his mouth made itís way to oozing hole. He ate and fingered me for some time. The combination sent me over the edge as I came for him. Still somewhat limp, he turned me over and raised my ass up. Looking under me, I could see his enormous cock. It looked like my pussy and belly were resting on his cock shelf. He then moved back and started rubbing his fat dick-head against the length of my slit. All I could say is that he was too big to fuck me. But he continued to rub his cock until I could feel the pressure of his cock against my soaked hole.

At that point, I really wanted to be fucked, but the pressure from his dick was very uncomfortable. I started to push and I instinctively moved forward until I was trapped by the wall. I screamed as he pushed forward, stretching my pussy lips until they felt like ripping. I inched his way forward into my over stretched cunt. It felt so good, but I was stretched far beyond comfort. A he started slowly fucking me, all I could do is open my mouth and let out deep moans as his cock ripped me in half. As my pussy stretched painfully to accommodate his meat, I began work into another orgasm. This one was deeper and more primal. His pace quickened and I was over the edge. More pain and pleasure erupted inside of me as he pushed hard into the back of my pussy, bottoming out. He fucked me for what seemed like forever until he pumped his cum seed into my well-used hole. As he pulled out, a steady stream of cum ran out of my gaping pussy and down my leg to the floor. I eventually just laid down and fell asleep as he washed up and left.

I woke early in the morning with my pussy matted with semi dry a dry cum covering me. I took a quick shower and went to bed.

The next morning was different; John came into my room and fucked me again. This time was a little easier but I was very sore. When John finished with me, he left and I spent the day taking hot baths and walking very slow.

That night, John returned and again took me to my room and fucked me. This time, we fucked for hours and fell asleep together. This continued for the next week until my husband returned.

During the next five months, John would bed me whenever my husband was away. I would also sneak into his bed at night. My husband was always surprised at how wet I was in the morning as he would mount me. We fucked whenever we had the chance. My pussy was now custom fit to his cock and having him fuck me always brought me to splintering orgasm. If I hadnít been on the pill, Iím sure I would be carrying his baby right now.

John finally left when his project was done and moved away. I told my husband about the encounters and he was amazed. We had always had an open relationship but keeping it a secret somehow made it hotter. John as come to visit us several times since and we always start things off at the hole. I canít wait for my husband to bring in another consultant. Starting out with my private glory hole will be loads of fun ;)

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