Miami Heat

Randy took me to Rumi on Lincoln to eat a great meal first. We drank several Mojitos before, during and after dinner, then played around in the bathroom before walking over to the adult bookstore. I wore a long sheer red dress that buttons up all the way in the front and looks great with a good number of them unbuttoned. Underneath I wore frilly black lingerie, garters and stockings. We walked straight back through the doors and went into the middle booth on the left hand side. I took off my bra and tap pants as soon as we got in the booth.

The glory holes were there as promised and we loved the little slots you can open and close although they are at a very awkward height. Randy had picked up a New Times so we didn't have to kneel on the cum covered floor. By the time I had stripped we had a cock in both holes so we didn't even have to share. My first cock was small but at least the guy came quite a bit really soaking my breasts and running down to my pubes. The second guy was really hung but he wouldn't let me make him cum so Randy and I switched holes and the guy soon left. I had to piss so I leaned over the chair and let Randy drink all my piss while both guys watched.

After a few more guys that didn't want to cum Randy got another big cock in his hole so I sucked it while Randy fucked me. The guy behind him kept asking to fuck Randy through the hole so he gave him a condom and then backed up. The booth is just wide enough that I could keep sucking while getting fucked and Randy could enjoy the cock in his ass as well. A short while later Randy put his cock in my ass and came in just a few thrusts.

I could feel all his cum running down my legs as I finished off the guy in my mouth, he came a lot too and I almost choked before I got his cock out of my mouth. Randy licked the cum from my chin, neck, and breasts before I made him lick his sperm from my legs and ass.

Even after the oral clean up my dress stuck to my skin after putting my bra back on. I was so sticky from semen and sweaty that the hot air out side the booth felt cool.

There were six to eight men out in the hall when we left. One was quite cute so I split my sheer dress and flashed him, it was dark out now so I hadn't bother with my tap pants. I let him grab my wet crotch and finger my pussy for a few moments before pushing on. It's a good thing that we have leather seats in the car as I continued to seep semen all the way back to the car and home for a refreshing swim in the pool. We will definitely go back there.


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