Hole in the Wall

I knew I was going back there...

Really when you think about it, I mean here I was totally unsatisfied, madder than hell, just generally totally PMS and it was not even that time. Elevated hormones, not a good time for a young woman like me. At his truck I told him, ‘Fuck you!!! Get the hell out of my life.’ fortunately a cab was driving by so I waved it down. ‘Take me home,’ the cab driver looked back at me, ‘Oh…uh…I would but…” he was smiling as I was rustling around finding my money in the purse, ‘oh, yes I live at…” and then explained why I was just a bit upset.

‘Well remember what that Klingon said, vengeance is a dish best served cold’, I snickered a laugh, ‘Oh, yes he will be cold but I will be hot.’ ‘I am sure you will,’ his fingertips brushed upon my palm as he returned my change, ‘you sure are.’ Ok, ok, yes I was upset but this looked interesting. ‘When are you off work?’ ‘About two or three hours,’ ‘I will call and then you can have your tip.’ ‘ummm ok.’ I turned and wiggled my fingers at him after touching my kiss shaped lips then ran into my house.

I only had a few minutes but I wanted to be squeaky clean so I rushed into the bathroom and jumped into the shower then quickly went to the mirror and rearranged my strawberry blonde hair placing a slight bit more make-up and blush in strategic places, choosing my best man eater perfume and smiled smugly at my reflection. ‘Now, that perfect killer dress.’ It is sheer, off white, opaque, loose flowing, lacy, the skirt part moving perfectly about me as I turn or walk. ‘Hmmm now where is it? Ahhh here it is.’ I held the peach colored body stocking up in front of me looking in the mirror. Yes I was ready.

The lights, the smell, the curtain, all as it was, even the guy at the counter. ‘Oh! For you? No charge.’ ‘Well thank you, uh…’ ‘Kerry.’ ‘Kerry, why? Oh never mind thanks.’ ‘Privacy booths are back there, the movie theatre, oh yes you already know,’ I swear there was a slight smirk in his voice, ‘and movies are in the racks.’ I was looking about the room but I noticed I was being looked at too, ‘If you wish to watch one bring it here and you can rent it for 4.00 dollars and have your own booth.’ ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ ‘If you need anything let me know.’ ‘Unhh hunh,’ I nodded distractedly still looking about.

I walked down the first row looking at the boxes containing the movies. It was hard to believe some of the titles I was seeing. I mean anything you wanted, anything, it was available. Women with women, oh my, that looks sooo good, men with men, groups, fat women, oh my goodness what a selection! Men on the other side of the rack in front of me began to move to the left or right surreptitiously and hurriedly looking at me holding up movie boxes but paralleling to the side eventually turning the corner and coming around to my side of the rack. ‘Aaahumph.’ and a cough stopped everyone, except me, but I along with the crowd of men turned my head to Kerry at the counter who was watching but acting like he was checking movie titles. I looked at all the men around me smiled then decided to check out that movie title right down there to my right on the bottom rack bending over to do so. Oh yes I knew they were looking and could feel my skirt rising enough to give the broadest hint possible that I was not wearing anything under my body stocking. I turned the box around to read the synopsis and then glanced up looking, they were all watching me. I turned back looking at Kerry and he shrugged and turned away to go back to work

I stood and walked to the counter, ‘Kerry?’ as the men in the aisle cleared a path for me he turned, ‘Yes?’ ‘Is this one any good?’ I reached to him placing my elbows on the counter handing him the box. He reached for the movie box turned it and looked over the writing on the back holding it so everyone could see the pictorial representations of women, actually one woman different models, in various states of undress with crowds of men around them. ‘Oh yes, that third scene?’ he turned the box to me letting me see the picture, I stretched forward further causing my dress to lift a bit more deliberately flashing them again, ‘I enjoyed that tremendously.’ ‘Ok.’ I smiled at him, ‘I will watch that one.’ He reached under the counter then handed me a key, ‘Booth 5.’ I reached into my purse for my money and Kerry said, ‘Booth 5.’ I looked up at him, ‘Booth 5.’

I walked down between the racks hesitantly, every eye in the place on me, and turned back looking at Kerry with a questioning look. ‘Booth 5.’ he moved his hand forward and to the left as I nodded at him smiling shyly, his fingers waving to the left directing me. I had never felt so hot in all my life.

I walked into the hallway. To the left was booth 1. It was a door, on it was the universal sign of a cigarette with a slash through it and it had written on it, ‘No Smoking.’ I could hear noise from the movie in the hallway there, amid all the other noise, grunting, women crying out moaning, voices saying things like, ‘Oh yes, suck it bitch’ or ‘Oh baby, yes, rub that pussy here.’ that voice being muffled as I passed by booths 2 3 and 4 all of them designated as, ‘Single booths.’ Booth 5, ‘Couples.’

I stood there looking about wondering. There was another door next to booth 5 but it was not labeled. I reached to insert the key into the door and suddenly the door to booth 4 opened so I turned startled seeing a man leaving the booth, ‘Oh!’ He turned and looked at me, ‘Uh....’ looking about the hallway and then at me appreciatively. I opened the door to booth 5 entering and he turned back into his booth.

I pushed the button on the panel labeled, ‘Start Movie,’ and sat back waiting. The back wall was mirrored, there was a very comfortable overstuffed love seat for me to sit on facing that mirror, the TV placed slightly to the left, and anything a couple could want was on a table beside it, an ashtray, a place to set a cold drink. The wall paper was pleasant enough. There was even a pack of courtesy Kleenex. Classy. I could hear the hallway being walked in; it seemed there were at least 4 or 5 walking down that hallway. I heard someone say, ‘Yeah, booth 5. It is a hot movie she picked.’ other men muttering as he spoke. I heard one say, ‘Yeah she is hot. Short, cute, nice tits, nice ass, god you can see everything through that dress. I heard someone trying to open the door. I turned looking at the door a bit frightened, not knowing what to do. Finally the advertisement on the screen faded away to blackness. Up at the top of the screen was a numerical designation of the date while under it was the current time. I peered at it wondering. Suddenly a picture of a young woman dressed identically to me looking at a TV screen appeared.

I moved forward partially closing my eyes to sharpen my focus. It was me! I looked about the room and suddenly the image was shown on the screen from a different angle. I could not see the camera. The image shifted again as I looked about. I sat back on the love seat. ‘Hmmmm…’ thinking, ‘this could be fun.’ I stood and walked to the mirror, standing right there, wondering. I reached up moving my hair away from my face, looking at me, and unbuttoned the first and second button of my dress and opened it to the right. On the other side of that mirror I could hear rustling murmuring and shuffling of feet and bodies. ‘Mmmm mmmm…’ I thought, ‘show-time.’

I sat on the love seat looking directly at the mirror. I moved my fingers to my mouth while shaping my lips to the form of a kiss then twiddled my fingers towards the mirror then licked from the knuckle to the tip of my index and middle finger. I continued the movement of my fingers along the side of my jaw to under my mouth coaxing my chin up as I moved the tip of my tongue outside the lips side to side flicking then moving the tip of my tongue on the underside of my upper lip. With my other hand I continued unbuttoning my dress opening it as I sat primly legs together. While moving my fingertips down along my collar bone and across the tops of my breasts I had finally opened my dress all the way to my waist. I leaned forward tweaking a nipple through the fabric causing it to harden then stroked across it moving to the other while moving my forearm to between my legs, opening them. I opened my eyes widely, lewdly moving my tongue out from my puckered lips pressing my forearm against me the fabric of my dress trapped there between my legs moving my hips suggestively.

I was breathing so deeply and my body seemed to be on fire as I sat there; this made me realize that I did not want to give a show, nor was I giving a show, I wanted to be the show. I stood, turned my body to face the couch then turned my head back to the mirror looking at my admirers and shook my hips letting my dress fall to the floor. I bent to pick it up, ‘What is that?’ I moved my head forward looking at the wall. It was a hole. I moved forward to look at it. I could see the flickering lights of a movie and hear the sounds coming from a speaker and the man in the other booth was sitting there his cock out. I was looking all of a sudden his fingertips came through the hole. I backed up frightened, ‘Oh!’ gasping. Well maybe he was not getting this movie so I pushed his fingers back into his area and then inserted mine wiggled them in there before I leaned my face down and whispered, ‘Watch me!’

I stood again then looked at the mirror and at the hole. I could see that he was looking and I was very certain that I was being watched through that mirror, plus there were at least three cameras on me. I reached across me and grabbed the top of the zipper on the side of my body stocking turning so my watchers could see. Unzipping it slowly I let the sides of it peel away from me as I turned allowing any and all to see whatever they liked. After I stepped away from it I stood in the middle of the booth turned my gaze back to the hole and knelt there.

I wiggled my fingers in the hole while looking through it seeing that cock. That nice hard hot cock needed special attention. He stood and moved to the wall his cock bobbing about as he walked to it and presented it to the hole. I kissed the tip. I could hear him murmuring as he tentatively pushed more through the hole and my tongue licked it wetly as my lips opened more and more for it. I heard him sigh as he leaned against the wall between us his cock fully presented to me through that hole. My lips had his mushroom shaped head encircled as my tongue moved under it wetting it sucking it, tongue moving down the shaft as I sucked. I could hear him moaning and he was pushing against the wall between us moving his hips back and forward letting me suck him, take his cock in my hot wet mouth. I stopped and began to turn around, ‘Oh baby….Please….’ finishing my movement by presenting my very wet and horny pussy to that hole. I moved back and forth fucking it. Looking at my watchers my mouth opened, nipples hard, breath heaving and panting, I moved and moved taking and taking that cock moving slippery in me pushing back and moving forward to take as much as I could get. I reached between my legs diddling at my hard slippery clitoris as I pushed back on that hard cock. Moving fingers rolling in the slipperiness finding the bud pushing at it as I moved back and forth my breath panting, heaving, breath coming in short gasps, eyes closed moaning as it began in me. I felt like such a slut using that cock and my fingers, being watched letting any who wanted to look, look. I began to moan and groan interspersing the noise with deep bodied grunts. My orgasm flowed through me like liquid molten lava, my nipples throbbing, my pussy throbbing and clenching on that cock, my clitoris pulsating with the feelings of my cum. I let the feelings wash over me, let them rise, rise and rise again, making me shiver, then they began to echo, recede, each pulsation echoing the feelings I had felt. I looked at the mirror. I stood up and turned to the cock in the hole, kissed it, then walked to the mirror and kissed it in 4 or 5 places.

I picked up my dress and put it back on, reached into my purse for my cell phone, turned and looked at the mirror, blowing a kiss to it, ‘Yes…but pick me up at the back door please?


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