Bookstore Slut

Cindy always was a bit of a showoff and lately had become more sexually excited since she met her new boyfriend Bill. She was a very attractive young lady, medium height, nice firm breast and a cute face. Her new boyfriend was a bit of a pervert and had is heart set on making her into as much of a slut as he could. It started by him taking pictures that he would post on the internet and guys would email and tell him what a whore and slut they thought his girlfriend was. Cindy played along and became more slutty as things went along. Bill had gotten more into public display of her and wanted to share her with strangers or anyone that wanted her. She was reluctant but also a bit intrigued by the ideas.

The first few times she just sucked off a few of Bills friends but as time went on she had sex with them and became more and more of a whore for him. Bill had been frequenting the local adult book stores and noticed the large number of guys that were hanging out in the booths watching movies, he also know most of them were doing male/male activities in the booths. One day he was in the booth and saw a hole in the wall that was quickly followed by a large cock poking at him. This was of no interest to him but it did give him an idea, he thought I bet these guys would like to have a little female action sometimes! After some smooth talking, Cindy said she would be willing to check out the store with him, knowing she would be having to show off a bit.

The day came and Bill and Cindy got ready to head to the bookstore, first Bill asked her to shave her pussy so only a little bit of hair was on the top, just like he liked it. She wore a short sundress and a pair of white panties. Bill had on a coat and as they were leaving she noticed he put a bag of something under his coat, but she thought no more about it. As they drove to the bookstore, Bill gently rubbed her legs and could tell she was a bit nervous. He then slid his finger under her panties and could tell her pussy was getting wet also. As they pulled into the bookstore he gave her a kiss and said that her loved her very much. She said she loved him very much too and would do anything to make him happy, he smiled and said he would hold her to that. As they got out of the car they could see some men in the parking lot checking her out. Bill reached behind her and rubbed her ass with his hand, she pushed it off and kept walking.

They entered the store and began to look around at the movies and novelty items on display. Bill spotted one of the real live fake pussies and ask to see it. After looking at it and seeing how real it was he said he would like to purchase it. Cindy looked a bit surprised but also thought it would be a neat think since it looked so real. He then ask for $10 in tokens for the booths. As they walked towards the preview booths, Cindy could see men standing around in the long hallway that had doors on each side. They would look at her then quickly look away. She was a bit scared and didn't know what to expect, but Bill had already made some plans.

He had been there several times before and knew about the holes in the walls and what the men wanted. They stopped at the first booth and walked inside, Bill locked the door. Inside, it was fairly large, had seats on each side and about 6 feet of space on the floor. It was very dark and it took a bit before Cindy could see what it looked like. Bill put some money in the slot and the movie started to play, he went through the selections and stopped on one called "Gangbang Whore 6". As the movie played he opened up the fake pussy he just bought and told cindy to watch what would happen if he put it next to the hole in the wall, she was a bit confused but watched anxiously, outside she could hear the men walking and hear them pull on the locked door handle from time to time. She thought this unusual since the light clearly showed it to be occupied. Bill removed the fake pussy and began to lick up and down the pussy crack till it was good and wet. He then rubbed his finger inside the hole and place the pussy next to it.

Cindy watched, not knowing what would happen. She watched as bill moved the pussy closer to the hole and she could see a cock coming through the hole towards it. Bill opened up the fake pussy lips and the cock slid inside the open hole. The man pumped his cock in and out until he let loose and filled the rubber cunt full of hot cum. He turned it toward Cindy, and in flickering light she could see the cum dripping from the pussy. She looked and there was a large black cock at the hole now, Bill moved the cum soaked pussy to the hole and watched as the black cock drove into the cunt, as it did the previous guys cum oozed out onto the floor. Soon, the black cock withdrew with a slurping noise and once again cum dripped out onto the floor. Bill placed the rubber cunt on the floor in the pile of cum and picked up the other bag he had brought. He looked at Cindy and said "Time to let everyone know what a true slut is like".

Cindy was actually quite turned on by the fake pussy fucking and wanted to see what was in the bag. Bill was on the ground in front of her and pulled off her slip on shoes. Then he reached up and pulled down the plain white panties she was wearing over her feet. He took the panties and wiped up the cum that was on the floor next to the fake pussy, they were soon soaked in jizz. He then reached in the bag and pulled out a pair of stockings that had slut written all over them and began to put them on Cindy's legs, slowly he pulled them up until they were just below her freshly shaved pussy lips.

Suddenly the room went dark as the time ran out on the movie counter, Bill put in more money to keep it going. Cindy looked over at the hole and could see another persons eye at the hole and was whispering something she couldn't make out. Bill just ignored it and pulled out some high heel shoes that looked like something a cheap street whore would wear. He then put those on over the slut stockings and then moved towards the hole, he picked up the fake pussy off the ground and held it to the hole, quickly a cock slid inside and began to fuck the fake cunt. This time the man came and filled the rubber hole up with hot cum. Bill tilted it back so the cum wouldn't drip out. Then he picked up the cum soaked panties and put them on the fake pussy and tilted it forward so the cum filled the crouch of the panties. He placed the pussy on the seat next to Cindy. He then reached up and pulled her dress up and over her head, to reveal her firm tits. Bill then pulled out a knife and cut the dress into peices. Cindy was shocked because she had to have something to wear on the way home. He then opened up the door to the booth and tossed it out into the hallway, as he closed the door Cindy could hear men walking towards the tattered dress and mumbling to each other.

Cindy was now sitting naked with just her slut stockings on and her high heels. Bill reached into the bag and pulled out his digital camera, he said smile and took a picture, cindy tried to hide her face from the flash. Bill reached into the bag and pulled out collar that said "whore" on it he also pulled out a dog leash and put both of them around Cindy's neck. Next he pulled out a black magic marker and wrote "cheap whore" across her tits. Then he moved to above her pussy and wrote "cum dumpster' with a arrow pointing to her pussy. Finally he pulled out a diamond stick pin that said slut, she was scared where he was going to stick it, but he leaned over and pinned to the cum soaked underwear that were on the fake pussy.

He motioned for her to stand up in front of him. His face was right at her pussy so he reached out his tongue and licked up her smooth slutty pussy crack. Next he picked up the fake pussy and started to remove the cum soaked panties with the slut pin on them. He shook the rubber pussy until all the cum had formed a pool of cum in the crouch of the panties. Cindy looked down and in the flickering light she could see the pool of cum glisten. Bill pulled the legs of the panties apart and said "now put them on". Cindy put one foot in and then the next. She watched as Bill slowly pulled the cummy panties closer to her exposed cunt. When the panties reached her pussy, she could feel the hot cum on her pussy lips, Bill jerked up on them, making her spread her legs and she could then feel cum creeping into her pussy. Now she was there with her slut stockings, slut pin and cum soaked underwear, whore collar and dog leash wearing whore shoes, all with messages saying she was a cheap whore and cum dumpster.

She heard the door rattle a bit and Bill reached over and unlocked it. A man walked in and stopped to see her sitting there. Bill said "she needs her cunt eaten" the man then bend down in front of her and began to pull the panties, in his excitement he didn't realize how soaking wet they were. He pulled them to her ankles ant then spread her knees. Moving his face closer to her pussy he could see how wet her cunt was. He stuck out his tongue and ran it up her pussy slit, a goop of cum formed on his tongue, he was surprised but continued.

He spread her lips and began to suck on her cummy cunt. He then pulled the panties the rest of the way off and removed the slut pin, next he moved the panties to Cindy's mouth, she open up and began to suck on the cum soaked panties while the man continued to eat her pussy. Bill was taking pictures of the whole thing and said to the man, suck her asshole for me. The man pulled Cindy's ass forward off the bench and moved his tongue to her puckering asshole, meanwhile she was still sucking the cummy panties. Bill then said "fuck the slutty whore for me!" The stramger pulled down his pants and moved his cock to the wide open lips of Cindy's pussy. He rammed his hard cock all the way up her pussy and she moaned with pleasure, the cummy panties had fallen on to her belly and the man continued to fuck her harder. He began to shake and she could feel his cum filling up her slutty cunt. He pulled his cock out and finished cumming on her pussy. She was there with cum all over her whore cunt while the man pulled his pants up and quickly left.

Bill motioned for another guy to come inside the booth. He quickly moved in and Bill said "clean up this whore's cunt for me", the man dropped to his knees in front of her open slit, cum was all over the top and dripping from her used hole. He slurped all the cum off the top of her pussy then began to suck the dripping cum from inside her cummy cunt. Now fuck her "her slut hole for me" Bill said. The man looked at Cindy, "open your whore cunt' he said. Cindy opened her legs and the man unzipped and slid his cock inside her wet pussy. Bill looked down at the hole in the wall and saw a large black cock poke through, while the man was fucking Cindy, Bill picked up the fake pussy and put it up to the hole so the man could fuck it . It didn't take long before the black cock was cumming in the rubber pussy. The man was still pounding away when bill walked over with the cum filled cunt and put it up to Cindy's mouth, she began to suck the cum off the cunt, then she leaned her head back and Bill let the cum drip out into her open mouth. She swallowed all the juicy cum while she was still getting her cunt fucked. The man finished and came all inside of her cunt, he jumped up and left her pussy wide open with cum dripping out into a pool on the floor. He left the booth and Bill locked the door.

Bill jerked on the Cindy's leash and pulled her on to the floor "clean up the fucking mess you made, you dirty fucking slut" he yelled at her. She was on her hands and knees on the filth cum soaked floor, she moved her tongue towards the pool of cum that had dripped out of her cunt from the two men that had just fucked and began to lick it all up. Soon another cock appeared through the hole, bill tugged the leash and moved her over to the waiting cock in the wall. She opened her mouth and took all the cock inside. She sucked until she felt the man begin to shake and let loose this cum in her mouth. Bill grabbed the back of her head and held it against the wall, he could hear her gagging on the cum filling her mouth, but she had no choice but to swallow all the cum. The man pulled away and immediately another cock was in her mouth, this happened 3 more times each man cumming while Bill held her mouth to the hole. He let go and could see the tears in her eyes from gagging on the all the cum she swallowed.

"Put your filthy cunt up to the hole now" he ordered. Cindy turned around and moved her cummy cunt up to the hole. First she felt a finger in her cunt rubbing her clit, soon it was replaced by a cock going in and out of her whore cunt. It didn't take long for the man to fill her with cum and pull away, her used pussy was still dripping cum when the next cock entered her, it was larger than the last and pounded much faster, she liked it. Bill got below and took pictures as the cock went in and out of her pussy. Soon cum was gushing out of his cock and dripping from her cunt. Bill could not resist and moved up and gave her used slut hole a kiss as the mans cock was withdrawing from his sluts hole. She moved forward a bit and he ran his tongue up the length of her pussy, he had never tasted a mans cum but it seemed to taste pretty good dripping out of a used pussy.

Soon another cock was coming through, Bill moved and let the hard dick enter Cindy's waiting pussy. Bill moved around and put his cock in Cindy's mouth so she could suck him while her pussy was being banged by strangers cocks. She remained in that position for 20 minutes, she lost count of the number of cocks that came in her pussy but it had to be at least 15 loads of cum she had taken. Bill tugged on her leash and she moved forward, Bill layed on his back and she moved her pussy over his face, He grabbed her ass and pulled her used up whore cunt onto his mouth and began to clean out her dripping pussy.

Through the hole he could hear someone saying "I want your ass" Bill reached around an put his finger up Cindy's asshole. He lifted her off his face and said "Give him your slutty asshole you cheap whore" Cindy moved back to the hole and positioned so her asshole was right at the hole. First she felt the mans tongue darting inside her spread ass then his finger soon she could feel his cock pushing hard on her asshole. Luckily lots of cum had been dripping down her ass so his cock slid right in. He took it as far as he could, Bill moved over and began to lick Cindy's pussy while the man fucked her asshole. He kept ramming his cock in and out of her sweet ass while Bill licked her pussy to the rhythm. Soon the man released his load in her ass and withdrew his cock back through the hole, cum dripped down her ass and onto her pussy, Bill ran his finger in the cum then slid it in her cunt. Pretty soon Cindy felt the next cock pressing up to her asshole and the man quickly repeated the process; cock after cock took its turn in her asshole, each one spurting hot cum deep inside of her used ass.

Bill could tell cindy was getting tired of being in that position, so while one man was ramming her ass, he pulled her off of his cock and turned her around to suck the ass juice from the strangers cock. The wall had a stream of cum dripping down it, so Bill ran his finger up the stream of cum and gathered a huge glob on his fingers. Cindy knew to open her mouth so he could feed her the cum from these horny strangers. Another cock came through the wall and Cindy opened her mouth to accept the next strange cock. The cock looked familiar and she figured guys were starting to go around for seconds by now, after all her job was to be a cum dumpster for them.

Before the next cock could make it through, they heard a loud pounding at the door. "Manager open up" he said. He shook the door so hard it came unlocked and he walked in. He saw Cindy on the floor with her dog leash and collar on and Bill was now standing up next to her. "Don't do that shit in here" the manager said. He reached over and grabbed the leash around Cindy's neck. Bill was scared because they had been busted and thought they would be in trouble. Cindy looked up at the man holding her leash and noticed he had a bulge in his pants.

The man smiled at her "don't do it in here, there are lots more booths and lots more guys that need your attention, you cock sucking whore". Bill just smiled and watched as the man tugged the leash and Cindy crawled out of the door into the hallway. Many guys were standing around outside and watched as she was brought into the hall. "Lets see what's happening in this room" the man said. He opened the door and walked in. There were two men in the room and one was sucking the others cock. Cindy was lead over to them and the man just kept sucking. She watched and could soon tell the man was cumming. "open your mouth slut" the man with the leash said. She tilted her head back and the other man let the cum drip from his mouth into hers. She swallowed all the cum. The manager then said "you know we need a new cleaning lady around here" Bill looked at her and said "you hear the man, start cleaning this place up, whore" The two other men were done and left the room. She looked around and could see the place was covered in fresh cum and old cum stains, there were even many used rubbers full of cum on the floor. The manager tugged on the leash and Cindy's head went down to the filthy cum soaked floor.

There she was, with her ass in the air, going from pile of cum to the next licking the place clean. The man undid his zipper and knelt behind her and began to fuck her while she cleaned up the cum with her tongue. Bill found several of the used rubbers from off the floor. The manager yanked on the leash and Cindy's head came back her mouth was wide open. Then Bill took each rubber and dumped the cum in her mouth "swallow it all you fucking slut" he said. She took a big gulp and all the cum was done. About this time the manager was dumping his load in her pussy while he called her a cheap fucking whore. "Time to open up for business, slut" the man said.

He grabbed her leash and pulled her back to the hall way. One of the men put a small coffee table in the middle of the room. Cindy was told to lay down on the table. They pulled her to the edge so her pussy and asshole were hanging off the table for easy access. A man on each side pulled her legs back and wide apart exposing her well used cunt and ass to everyone. The manager reached over and pulled a small bucket from behind the counter "the cheap whore charges .25 for a fuck" he said. A man quickly moved between her legs, he thought it would be funny, so he pulled a quarter out of his pocket and slid it inside her open pussy slit, the other men just laughed. He pulled it out and replaced it with his hard cock and began to fuck her cummy used up cunt. On the other end, a man pulled out his cock and she was sucking it for him. It didn't take long before the man in her pussy let out his cum and pulled his spent cock out of her pussy. The cum dripped out of her pussy down her asshole and on to the floor. As soon as the man was out of the way she heard a quarter hit the bucket and another cock was insider her waiting hole.

He rammed her with his cock and as he came, he pulled out his dick and covered her pussy with his hot cum. Several men next to her were whacking off and began to cum also, they aimed their stream of cum at her pussy also covering it even more. Her cunt was so cum covered, her pussy lips barely stuck out from under the loads of jizz. The next man moved forward and slowly slid his cock between her cum soaked lips, the man in her mouth was cumming and she swallowed his load and waited for the next one. Soon the man in her cunt was jerking and she could feel his load inside of her.

More jizz dripped out of her slutty hole as the next man moved in. "here is .50 for a nice slice of cream pie" he said. He jammed his face into her cummy cunt and began to lick her cum soaked hole. He cleaned out all the cum that was dripping and then moved up and began to slurp up all the cum that was on top of her well used whore hole. He was jacking off the whole time he was eating her cum filled hole, as he got the last drop, his cock exploded onto the ground between her legs. "hate to waste that" he said. So he moved his cock to the cum on the ground and smeared all over his cock, then he moved back up and slid it inside her now cleaned out cunt hole. "there is some more cum for your slutty hole, whore". The next man came forward and placed his cock at her asshole, quickly he jammed it all the way inside her puckered hole. He fucked her for a while, "here is what filthy whores like you need" he pulled his cock out of her ass and put it in her wet cummy cunt. He then began to go back and forth between the two holes until he finally came in her ass. "Here is your quarter whore, don't spend it all in one place" he said.

The next man was soon there waiting, "Hey slut here's a dollar if you will give me a nice refreshing drink" cindy wasn't sure what he meant, but soon she could fell his mouth cupped around her pussy hole. Bill yanked on hard on the leash "piss for him whore" she began to let out a stream of piss into the mans mouth, the drank most of it then let the rest fill his mouth. He stood up and walked towards Cindy, she had a cock in her mouth, the man removed his cock and let it hover right over her lips, the man with the piss in his mouth bent down put his mouth on hers letting the piss flow from his mouth into hers, the other man then moved his cock back and began to fuck her piss filled mouth, he came and she swallowed the piss and cum combination. Another man standing by her said "you like piss? you whore?" Cindy nodded yes. He moved over and began to fill her mouth with piss, he finished and the next man began to piss. Another man said "wait a second" and  ran to his car. Soon he returned with funnel, he rammed it into her mouth and four guys gathered around and began to fill the funnel up, she swallowed all she could and let the rest flow out of her mouth to the floor, group after group followed until they were all drained of piss, she had a belly full of piss and cum.

Down at her pussy another man was inside her cunt, as they fucked, anther man slid under the table and put his mouth right at the base of the where used up cunt hole and the mans cock met, she could also feel him licking her asshole. The man pulled his cock out of her pussy and put it into her freshly lubed ass. He fucked for a while and removed it, the other man licked the filthy cock and guided it back into her cunt. Soon the man began to fill her  pussy with cum, the other man opened his mouth wide and let the jizz drip from her cunt into his mouth. He remained there as the next men began to fuck her pussy and ass, after each fuck he would take the dripping cum and then clean her pussy and ass for the next guy.

Bill then said "ok guys cover this whore with cum" all the guys stood around and began to jack off on her, they covered her tits, body and mostly they covered her sloppy wet cunt. Bill then took of his cloths and moved toward her legs, he slowly moved his cock inside of her cummy well fucked cunt, then he lay down on her cummy body and tits. Finally he began to kiss her cum filled mouth as he fucked her. As he fucked her, some of the men began to tie her arms and legs to the table, so she couldn't move. After Bill finished fucking her and filled her one last time with cum, he stood up and put his clothes back on. "She's yalls whore now" he said. Cindy moaned "what?" "I don't need this worthless used up slut, I'm out of here." Then Bill walked outside to his car and left. As he walked, he could hear the men making more plans for their new toy. Bill never saw her again and Cindy decided to become a full time slut and focus on large groups of men using her anyway they liked...


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